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Circus Legends • a docuseries

Center Ring LLC is producing a documentary series based on its popular book, Circus Legends. Each episode will chronicle the lives of legendary circus performers, sharing their stories of spending life in the ring entertaining children of all ages.


The Circus Legends Documentary Series will focus on the very heart of the circus, the artists themselves. They made the circus what it was in its heyday, and along with their families, they continue the tradition today. Through history’s good times, and bad times, they endeavored to provide inspiration, laughter, wonder, and hope to communities big and small. Town by town they travelled showing that, with enough hard work and dedication, anything was possible no matter your age, sex, shape, color, or creed.


Many documentaries have focussed on the big shows and the renown producers who ran them such as P.T. Barnum or the Ringling Bros. Some focus on the circus as a cultural phenomenon. Rarely do we see inside the world of circus performers or hear the fantastic tales of personal struggle and triumph in and out of the Big Top.


The Circus Legends story is told by filmmakers, who were themselves born and raised in the circus, all having ran away to join a town in pursuit of careers in film, art, and theatre. Now decades later they return to their roots to share some of these amazing stories and shine a spotlight on these legends that have spent their lives performing astonishing feats before audiences the world over.

Please join us in celebrating the hardworking individuals behind one of humankind's longest running and most cherished forms of entertainment. The Circus.  

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Circus Legends - Teaser 1

Episode 2 Preview • Tony Steele

Episode 1 Preview • Dieter Tasso

Episode 3 Preview • Jack & Patti Cook

10 full episodes coming soon!

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